Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Is A Good Time To Look Back

...even though it is a new year! The future may be here but it has not brought much with it. It is the same story every year! So I use this dead time to play some older things.

Like Chrono Trigger. I have played it before, of course. But I received the DS port for Christmas. It is a very good game, but I am somewhat bored. It is not very challenging so far. I just mash A, and I win. Which probably would be fine, since every other aspect of the game is excellent. But even though it has been so many moons since my first time, and I do not remember it as well as I remember many other first times, I remember enough that none of it is very surprising. I think right now I would rather just flip through an art book and listen to the soundtrack than play it, y'know? I am probably being too harsh. I bet my love will bloom again if I press on. Probably once I get the blonde in the furry bikini.

I am still hooked on Street Fighter 2. I won more than I lost today! It was a good day. I am excited about the Street Fighter 4, though I am concerned about the online. SF2HD's netcode is pretty fabulous (on 360 - the PS3 version is a mess) and if 4 isn't on par I am going to be very disappointed. I am a lonely man who needs to dominate other men from a distance. Do not get too close! It scares me.

I purchased many digital goods over the last month. So many sales! Today I tried once again to figure out how the hell you play Space Rangers 2. I put an hour or two into it. It is very Russian. Its English is worse than mine. I managed to clear the tutorial, I think, but afterwards I was still feeling lost and unsure of just what I should be doing. And I know that if I plugged at it it would all eventually click, and I would fall in love, and lose many hours. But I am not sure I want to lose many hours. Losing hours in a bad way so I can start losing them in a good way seems silly to me now. I have done it in the past -- I sure didn't understand Valkyrie Profile for quite some time for instance -- but I am older and tireder and I have to get in shape because I have a blind date in a month. Do I want to invest in a firm body or Eastern European space trading games? My body will be gone before Space Rangers is! Let us do it first.

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