Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chris White Was Right

Except it's not our year. It's my year. I'm not gonna share it! I'm gonna hog all the victory, for I have a winning record in SF2 this week! Today I took a few lumps, and the win ratio went down a bit, but it wasn't enough. Nothing can stop me, not even the grave.

Though if Street Fighter 4 is as good as it looks it may tear me away. Look! Cammy! The first thing you see is her butt. You don't even need to win a match for a peek at the cheeks now! That is very wholesome, unlike Sakura. I always liked her but now that she's 22 and still dressed like a school girl the whole thing seems pretty unseemly rather than cute.

(Half this blog is me talking about female Street Fighter characters. That was not the original plan. I'm this close to being one of those guys with a lovepillow and wallscroll collection, aren't I? I can't get into that stuff! If my mom saw them she'd stop cleaning my room! As a precaution I am going to unsubscribe to NCS's RSS Feed.)

I was going to talk about new news! But I am tired now. I must retire.

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