Monday, January 12, 2009

This Post Would Be More Interesting But I Have The Flu

Hey! The Wii remake of Klonoa is coming to the U.S. That's pretty good news. Wii's been pretty dead since...I don't even remember the last retail Wii game I bought. Maybe copy of Fire Emblem I got for $17? And I didn't even play it. It just drove me to finally play Path of Radiance, which was a good thing. And it was a good game, though I had to skip through all the cutscenes because I just could not stand all the damn furries.

Anyway, Klonoa is a great game. Probably the best original Playstation game as far as I'm concerned. I'm not expecting the remake to replace the original - in the screenshots you can see they upped your hearts from 3 to 5, and if they touched the ending at all that's an automatic DQ. I don't care much for stories in video games. I can't think of many that made me feel a damn thing. But shit, the end of Klonoa had me crying like a baby. I don't remember many cutscenes prior to that. I think it was just a very simple story? Unlike Klonoa 2, where they just yakked and yakked and yakked forever. I know Klonoa 2 has its fans but I am pretty sure most of them haven't played the original. It's far, far better. I thought the GBA games were better than 2 also.

I see it's now technically Monday. How about that! Mondays used to be kinda cool. I'd turn on my Wii, check out the Shop channel, usually end up buying something. Then Nintendo stopped putting up stuff to buy. And I got tired of dealing with the storage limitations. It's all for the best. I know all those Virtual Console games I bought were a waste, and won't carry over to the next Nintendo console. Regret! Digital distribution kinda sucks.

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