Monday, January 5, 2009

Bad News From A Bad Man

So I've bought a lot of video games in the past month. Too many. I'm overwhelmed. Unable to focus! And I am not going to get much done if I am playing 20 games a day for 10 minutes each! Playing is work when you own this much. Playing is a problem. Cutting back on buying would be a solution, but it is not a fun one. Buying is often the most satisfying part, because I love a deal. I cannot say no to one. I remember my youth. Times were ruff. Costs were high. Space was limited. Now it is all so easy. Games are cheap. They are plentiful. And rarely are they R@RE HTF. I can't say no.

Time isn't an issue. I don't have much to do since my injury. I can do whatever I want as long as it doesn't involve people or love or pleasurable movement or leaving the house! But I don't really do what I want. I do what is easy, and video games are easy. Writing about them may be harder, which may be good. May give me some structure. Discipline. Playing less, writing more? OK!

(Actually I think I spend more time reading than playing. A game forum is easier than playing a game. It is the easiest but also the most hurtful.)

So I will try and post here often. Every day? That would be good. After a time I will be able to look back. I will see all the mistakes I made, all the words I wrote that only I found amusing, and all the time I've wasted. Hopefully I won't have too many regrets!

Let's do this!

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